ME 395: Laboratory I

ME 395 is a required junior-level laboratory course for mechanical engineering students.

In many ways, ME 395 provides a learn-by-experience opportunity for ME students that directly applies to engineering practice. Thus, ME 395 includes teamwork, data acquisition and interpretation in the context of experimental uncertainty, report writing, and project- and schedule-overlap, i.e. the next assignment starts before the current one is completed. The instructional team will guide students in learning how to master these challenges.

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International Engineering Summer School at TU Berlin

A core mission of our educational programs in the College of Engineering is to prepare our students for the global workplace. International experience is an important element in our programs and our goal is to provide opportunities and means to enable our students to study, work, and volunteer abroad.

Visit www.engin.umich.edu/ipe for more details and ask one of the staff or peer advisors about your options to gain experience abroad and check out lots of exciting information including links to blogs that our students write from abroad.

ENGR 350 (International Laboratory Experience)

This course prepares undergraduates for collaborative engineering work that crosses international borders and cultures. Building on the successful team-approach of ENGR 100, students in ENGR 350 work in small international project teams at a partner institution. The instructional period for ENGR 350 is a minimum of four-weeks (minimum of 76 contact hours; embedded within a structured study abroad program). Course materials will be drawn from course packs and guided literature searches conducted for each project.

An example of an International Laboratory Experience is the integration into our International Engineering Summer School at TU Berlin

ENTR 390.013 Techlab@MCity

Students enrolled in the TechLab Independent Study class will participate in sponsor company projects to advance technology development. Each student team, divided by sponsoring company, will be responsible for accomplishing an open-ended project (assigned by the company), and gain experience in developing cutting edge technology at an early stage startup.

The core rationale for the TechLab@Mcity initiative is to provide students with a hands-on learning experience working with applied science in the process of progressing from the lab to full commercialization. This independent study provides a unique opportunity to not only explore coursework outside of a dedicated CoE program but also have direct contact and to work alongside peers, colleagues, and faculty across multiple disciplines.

ENTR 499.262: Techlab Climate Change

TechLab: Climate Change pairs emerging and scaling startups with top-tier undergraduate students studying a wide range of fields including computer science, data analytics, chemical engineering, material science, robotics, business, and sustainability.

The goal is to educate students through an immersive project that tackles an important problem for the company. Students learn the entrepreneurial process directly from the principles of the company using the company itself as the “living case study.”