GM Collaborative Research Laboratory

The GM Automotive CRL at University of Michigan was established to support a long term, strategic, and productive relationship between General Motors Global Research and Development and the College of Engineering at University of Michigan.

The mission of the GM Collaborative Laboratory is to:
Carry out research on problems important to GM’s vehicle innovation, design and manufacturing operations
Provide research opportunities and an enhanced educational environment to UM graduate students
Facilitate the exchange of people & knowledge

Currently, the CRL supports two research divisions.

1. Advanced Manufacturing. Directed by Prof. Jack Hu and Dr. Jeffrey Abell (GM co-director)

2. Engine Systems. Directed by Prof. Volker Sick and Dr. Tang-Wei Kuo (GM co-director)

The Engine Systems Division of the GM Collaborative Research Laboratory will advance the understanding of key processes to optimize design and strategies for highly efficient passenger car engines with ultra-low exhaust emissions through a concerted effort by University of Michigan, GM Global Research and Development, and GM Powertrain. Initial projects focus on advancing fundamental knowledge about stochastic engine processes to develop predictive simulations at the engineering level.

Details on specific research outcomes and students involved in the program can be found on other pages of this website.