QLDL Current Group Members
Fahad Alzahrani (PhD student)
Sources of soot formation in direct-injected gasoline engines
Mohammad Alzuabi (PhD student)
Transient temperature boundary layer flows
  Hao Chen (Postdoc)
3D Imaging Diagnostics
 Andrew DiMauro (PhD student)
Multi-variant analysis of complex internal combustion experiments 
 Jim Elkins (Engineering Technician)
Tech support and student training
  Mark Greene (PhD student)
Transient boundary layer flows: WATCH HIS PITCH
 Michael Gross (Assistant Research Scientist)
New high-repetition rate light sources
  Lucca Henrion (PhD student)
Infrared imaging study of boundary layers in engine
Ahmet Mazacioglu (PhD student)
Ignition systems for heavy-duty natural gas combustion
  David Reuss (Research Scientist)
Flow and combustion fundamentals in internal combustion engines 
  Volker Sick (Professor)
 Ivan Tibavinsky (PhD student)
Diagnostics development for reactive flow studies
 Angela Wu (PhD student)
On turbulence in internal combustion engines