QLDL Alumns

Peter Lillo (PhD student)
Topological Development of Homogeneous-Charge and Stratified-Charge Flames in an Internal Combustion Engine
Philipp Schiffmann (PhD student)
Root Causes of Cyclic Variability of Early Flame Kernels in Spark Ignited Engines
Patrick Kranz (Visiting MSE student from Universitaet Duisburg-Essen)

Cycle-to-cycle variability in a spark-ignited gaseous-fuel engine
Andrew Di Mauro (Visiting undergraduate student from UC Berkeley)
Neural network analysis of IC engine performance

Martin Lichtl (MSE student, visiting from HDa, Darmstadt, Germany, 2014)
LIF temperature imaging diagnostics in engines

Yu-Hung Chang (2012-2014)
Turbulence structure analysis in internal combustion engine flows
Preeti Abraham (PhD 2013)
Analyzing in-cylinder flow variations in a motored spark ignition engine using proper orthogonal decomposition
Michael Mosburger, PhD 2012
Alkali metal spectroscopy for high-speed imaging of burned gas temperature,equivalence ratio and mass fraction burned in internal combustion engines
Louise Lu, MSE 2013
IC Engine Boundary Layer Studies
Yifan Li, MSE 2013
PIV application to steady flow bench testing
Kuo Sun, MSE 2012
Laser induced fluorescence techniques for spray temperature imaging
Nathan Lusk, MSE 2012
Pressure-based cycle-analysis tools
Abubakr Amin, Undergraduate Researcher, 2013
Image processing support
  Phil Kim, Undergraduate Researcher, 2012
Optical engine upgrade support
Matthew Brusnahan, MS 2011
Physics of high-speed imaging interferences
Michael Cundy, PhD 2011
Development of high-speed laser diagnostics for the investigation of scalar heterogeneities in engines
Kevin Peterson, PhD 2011
Single camera, three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry
Christopher Jainski, MS (TU Darmstadt) 2011
High-speed particle image velocimetry measurements in IC engine boundary layer
Omar Almagri, MSE 2011
High-speed imaging of in-cylinder flows
Hao Chen, visiting PhD student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University 3/2010-1/2011
POD image analysis of high-speed imaging data 
Brian Peterson, PhD 2010
High-speed fuel and flow imaging to investigate misfires in a spray-guided direct-injection engine 
Peter Aurora (joint with Prof. Levi Thompson), PhD 2010
Photoelectrochemical systems for hydrogen production
Ali Alharbi, PhD 2010
High-speed high-resolution vector field imaging and analysis of boundary layer flows in an internal combustion engine
Alex Mychkovsky (joint with Prof. Steven L. Ceccio), PhD 2010
Optical diagnostics for two-phase flows
Steven Vozar, MSE 2009
Optical Diagnostics of fire retardants
Michael E. Litsey, MSE 2008
Temperature measurement by a toluene two-color PLIF imaging technique in an optical engine

Patrick Nohe, Dipl.-Ing. 2008 (Universität Karlsruhe/UM)
Temperature measurement in the combustion chamber of an SIDI engine via laser-induced fluorescence (LIF)
Rahul Bhinge, MSE 2008
Aerodynamic simulation of flow around a Formula SAE car; graduate research study
Claudia M. Fajardo, PhD 2007
Development of a high-speed UV particle image velocimetry technique and application for measurements in internal combustion engines
Michael K. Chin, MSE 2007
Correlation between In-Cylinder OH* Measurements and Engine-Out NO Concentrations in a SIDI Engine
Rui Zhang, PhD 2006
Tracer-based laser-induced fluorescence diagnostics and their application to spark-ignition direct-injection engines
Vinod K. Natarajan, PhD 2006
Spark-Assisted Compression Ignition: An Experimental Investigation into how Spark Ignition Advances Combustion Phasing in Gasoline HCCI Engines

James D. Smith, PhD 2006
Development and Application of High Speed Optical Diagnostic Techniques for Conducting Scalar Measurements in Internal Combustion Engines
Daniel Rimmelspacher, Dipl.-Ing. 2006 (TU Berlin/UM)
Towards the Spark Energy Allocation in the Combustion Chamber of a spray-guided direct-injected gasoline Engine
Jessamyn Margoni, MSE 2006
Quantitative determination of fuel and oxygen concentration in an SIDI engine using laser-induced fluorescence
Joshua Martin, MSE 2006
Investigation of turbulence parameters in engine flows; graduate research study
Eric Rybczinski, MSE 2006
Dynamics of gas flows in direct injection engines
Udo Fissenwert, Dr.-Ing. 2005 (TU Berlin/UM), Diplom 1999 (TU Berlin/UM)
Laser-Spectroscopic Investigations of Nitric Oxide Formation in a Transparent Spark Ignited Engine with Direct Injection
William Northrop, MSE 2005 (joint with Prof. Levi Thompson)
Heat Integration Strategy for a Natural Gas Fuel Processor
Charles O. Funk, PhD 2005, MSE 2001
An in-depth comparison of experimental and computational parameters for in-cylinder engine flows
Nicole Wermuth, Postdoc 2005
LIF tracer characterization
Philip Radlowski, MSE 2005
High-pressure fueling system for optical engine studies; graduate research study
Jordan Snyder, MSE 2004
Quantitative CH measurements in NO-doped non-premixed flames; graduate research study
Jose Rico, MSE 2004
Spray cone angle studies; graduate research study
Mong Tung Lin, PhD 2003
Quantitative measurements of liquid fuel film on the piston top of an optical direct-injection engine by laser induced fluorescence
Boris D. Stojkovic, PhD 2003, MSE 2000
Development and application of a time and space resolved optical diagnostic for soot temperature and concentration in a spark-ignited direct-injection engine
Christophe Gibaud, MSE 2003
Quantitative measurements of CH radicals in diffusion flames
Joshua J. Driscoll, PhD 2002
Nitric oxide formation and reburn in laminar diffusion flames
Katherine Driscoll, ABD 2002
Spray imaging diagnostics and multi-phase PIV
Fabrice Ponti, MSE 2002
Characterization of the fuel injection, evaporation and mixing in an unthrottled optical SIDI using quasi-3-dimensional imaging
Doug Frieden, MSE 2002
Characterization of the Fuel Injection, Mixing and Combustion Processes in an SIDI Engine using Quantitative 2D and 3D Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging
David Pell, MSE 2002
Design and characterization of a high pressure high-temperature facility for spectroscopic studies; graduate research study
Corey E. Weaver, PhD 2001
Quantitative, laser-based fuel distribution and combustion measurements in port and direct fuel injected spark-ignition engines
Marcus Megerle, MSE 2001
Systematic analysis of particle imaging velocimetry applications in engines

Michael R. Hartman, MSE 1999
Turbulence in a fan-stirred bomb; graduate research study