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A_TCC-III CFD Input and PIV data

DOWNLOAD DATA for free use

A zip archive is available here for download and includes the following contents for the TCC-III geometry. A version history of the TCC engine configuration is provided below (to be added).
  • Geometry file in .stl and igs. format
  • Valve lift curves
  • GT Power models and sample results (extensively tested and validated against a wide range of operating conditions.)
It is requested that any published use of the TCC-III engine simulation geometry and/or data be acknowledged with the following statement:  
“The TCC engine work has been funded by General Motors through the General Motors University of Michigan Automotive Cooperative Research Laboratory, Engine Systems Division. The data have been obtained from”

Motored high-speed PIV data from the TCC-III engine are available in four .tar archives for download and the use of this data should reference:
"LES of IC engine flows for different engine speeds and intake manifold pressures"
P. Schiffmann1, S. Gupta1,2, D. Reuss1, V. Sick1, X. Yang2, T-W. Kuo2 (1 Univ. of Michigan, 2 GM Global R&D, USA), LES for Internal Combustion Engine Flows [LES4ICE], IFPEN / Rueil-Malmaison - 4-5 December 2014, submitted to Oil & Gas Science and Technology for publication.

Xiaofeng Yang
 and Tang-Wei Kuo (GM), Volker Sick and David Reuss (UM).